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Air Conditioners: Things You May Not Have Known

June 15, 2023
Air Conditioners: Things You May Not Have Known. Outdoor AC Unit.

Air conditioners have come a long way since they were first invented. Present-day AC units use 30 to 50 percent less electricity to create the same amount of cooling as their 1970s predecessors, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE). Advances in the past 10 years have been significant. In fact, by switching out your decade-old AC, you could subtract 20 to 40 percent from your utility bill.

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Top Causes of AC Failure

May 15, 2023
Top Causes of AC Failure

It’s the first really hot day of summer when open windows, sun-blocking shades, and the ceiling fans just can’t cut it anymore. You resign yourself to finally turning on your air conditioner (AC)—only to find it blowing warm air, making funny noises, or simply not cooperating at all.

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SEER––What Does It Mean?

April 13, 2023
SEER- What Does It Mean? Energy efficiency dial set to moderate.

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This universal rating system helps you determine the efficiency of your North Carolina air conditioning (AC) unit or heat pump. 

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Why Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

March 15, 2023
Image of technician helping customer. Why Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

It’s about to heat up here in Wilmington. Make sure your air conditioner (AC) is primed for the North Carolina summer heat rays by scheduling a seasonal maintenance visit.

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5 Common AC Problems

July 20, 2022
5 Common AC Problems. Window repair.

Albritton Heating & Air is always eager to educate our Leland area customers on heating and cooling home care.

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Summer Savings Tips for AC

June 27, 2022
Summer Saving Tips for AC. Woman in her home lounging on the beach.

There are many quick, easy ways to manage your energy use during the hottest time of the year. Albritton Heating & Air are your HVAC experts!

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Air Conditioning Basic-Did You Know?

May 2, 2022
Air Conditioning Basic-Did You Know?

Today’s air conditioner (AC) is based on a prototype invented in 1902 by Willis Carrier, an engineer from Buffalo, New York. Unlike earlier forms of cooling, Carrier’s model controlled the temperature by removing heat and humidity from the air. 

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When Do I Replace My Air Conditioner?

April 19, 2022
When Do I Replace My Air Conditioner?

Sometimes, life moves incredibly fast. You could have sworn you just bought your air conditioner. But lately, it doesn’t seem to be working so well. You check the box and are shocked to find out you’ve had it for a decade. Where did the time go?

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How Does Your Central Air Conditioner Cool Your Home?

September 7, 2021
Central air conditioner in Wilmington

Air conditioners do so much more than just cool, like dehumidify your home or business and help keep your inside air cleaner. Understanding a bit of its basic components and how they work can help you identify a problem or malfunction when it occurs. 

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When Is It Time for a Split-System AC Replacement?

August 23, 2021
young man electrician installer working on outdoor split-system AC at a client's home

Our Albritton Heating & Air team can help you learn more about current split-system models as well as help you evaluate whether your current system requires repair or replacement.

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Noise?

August 3, 2021
Mature male peering inside an upper wall white grid air duct on a silver wall near a white ceiling. A guy inspecting a heating and cooling air register duct for maintenance.

If your air conditioner is producing an unusual sound, that could mean trouble. So instead of risking injury to you or your system by poking around the unit yourself, play it safe and call a professional to come inspect it for you.

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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Air Conditioning and Summer Energy Bill

July 20, 2021
hand with change in it next to thermostat

The US Department of Energy says that air conditioning can account for 35 to 40 percent of your utility bill here in North Carolina. At Albritton Heating & Air, we take energy efficiency seriously. We understand sometimes high energy bills are unavoidable when air conditioning is crucial for comfort during the hot months. That’s why our five simple tips for staying cool and using your air conditioner less may help you cut costs and save money on your monthly energy bill.

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What Does AC SEER Mean?

July 6, 2021
Engineer adjusting thermostat

When it comes to your air conditioner (AC), a common term used in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) business you are likely to see everywhere is your air conditioner’s SEER. But what exactly is SEER?

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How to Properly Size an AC System

June 22, 2021
Compressor fan of air condition.

In the heat of the summer, it’s easy to assume that bigger is better when it comes to air conditioning (AC) systems. Obviously, if you have an air conditioner that’s too small in your Wilmington home, you will not be able to keep your temperatures consistently low even if the unit is running constantly.

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Is It Normal for My AC to Turn On and Off?

June 3, 2021
thermostat adjustment

When an air conditioner (AC) turns on and off in rather quick successions, without running for longer periods, this is called short cycling. It’s fairly common, but when this happens it means there’s something wrong with your air conditioner. So what should you do?

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Does an Air Conditioner Help With Allergies?

May 19, 2021
Close up of a young woman sneezing into a tissue in Wilmington

Properly maintaining your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is the difference between your air conditioner helping with those allergies and it aggravating them. Albritton Heating & Air specializes in air conditioners. Contact us with any questions you may have or assistance you may need.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

May 5, 2021
Air Conditioning Maintenance Technician spraying chemical water onto air conditioner grid to clean in Wilmington

Be sure you take the time to perform basic maintenance regularly as well as invest in a professional checkup at least once a year with Albritton Heating & Air.

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Be an Informed Consumer By Learning Air Conditioning Lingo

August 18, 2020
close-up shot of the vents of an air conditioner

The air conditioning system in your Wrightsville Beach, NC home is one of your biggest investments and home assets. In order to take care of it properly, as well as to communicate effectively with air conditioning (AC) professionals when needed, it’s good to understand some common air conditioning terminology.

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Is Your AC Helping With Your Allergy Symptoms?

July 30, 2020
High angle shot of a young businessman feeling ill at his work desk.

Seasonal allergies are a burden for many. Air conditioners, or ACs, when properly maintained can noticeably reduce symptoms for allergy sufferers.

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Common AC Problems and Solutions

July 16, 2020
Bag of repairman's work tools

When the weather gets really hot in Wilmington Beach, the last thing you want is a broken air conditioner. Many common problems with air conditioning systems can arise. Our team at Albritton Heating and Air wants you to be aware, prepared, and ready to solve these air conditioning issues so you and your family can stay cool this summer.

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Single-Stage and Variable-Speed Air Conditioners

June 23, 2020
Blurred Air Conditioner Fan

With the warmer weather peeking its head around the proverbial corner, now is the time to think about your air conditioner in your home.

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3 Health Benefits for Using Your AC While Sleeping

June 15, 2020
Shot of a young woman sound asleep in her bedroom ac air conditioning sleeping health benefits

A major part of your health relies on getting a good night’s sleep. That’s why it’s not just important to run your air conditioner during the hot summer days. You also need to keep your home comfortably cool at night as well.

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3 Telltale Signs It’s Time for a New AC

May 15, 2020
Air Conditioning Equipment outside of an Hold House

Deciding on the ideal time to replace your air conditioning system in Wilmington can be a challenge, so here are three areas our Albritton Heating and Air professionals suggest you monitor for telltale signs.

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Why Do I Need AC Maintenance Now?

March 16, 2020
HVAC technician outside looking at the air conditioner.|AC Maintenance

An air conditioner (AC), just like a car, needs regular maintenance and service to run efficiently.

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Air Conditioning Basics—Did You Know?

August 15, 2019
Young Happy Woman And Serviceman Standing In Kitchen With Clipboard.

Albritton Heating and Air is proud to keep hardworking homeowners like you in Wilmington, NC, cool! Our team is happy to accommodate you for all of your cooling requirements.

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Consider a Ductless AC System

July 30, 2019
This is a modern living room with black couch and air conditioner on wall - rendering.

Although many HVAC systems are designed that way, there are other alternatives. Our team at Albritton Heating and Air wants you to be well-informed about your options, and those options include ductless air conditioning systems that can function as an air conditioner only or a heat source as well.

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Purchasing the Right Air Conditioner

July 2, 2019
Shot of a young woman using a laptop and going through paperwork while working from home.

At Albritton Heating and Air, we pride ourselves in being great matchmakers. We want to set you up with an air conditioner (AC) that’s right for your home.

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Common Air Conditioner Problems

June 12, 2019
Woman suffers from heat while working in the office and tries to .cool off by the fan

Don’t hesitate to contact us at 910-792-6111 to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members or to schedule your appointment today.

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Heat Gain Prevention

May 7, 2019
Woman too hot in her home due to heat gain.

One way to save money this summer is by learning how to battle heat build up, or heat gain, in your home.

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Maintaining Your Ductless HVAC Unit

April 15, 2019
Changing the filter in the air conditioner for safe and healthy housing.

Ductless heating-and-cooling systems are growing increasingly popular. This is thanks to their low noise factor and high energy efficiency. Though they’re not too expensive to run, they generally have a higher up-front cost than a regular air conditioner.

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How Does Air Conditioning Work?

March 25, 2019
Girl on the floor with an open book wondering how air conditioners work.

An air conditioner is a standard appliance in interior comfort. The Energy Information Administration reports that 87% of homes have an AC unit and they account for almost 20% of yearly electricity consumption in the US. At Albritton Heating and Air, we believe that knowledge is power.

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