Why You Shouldn't Put Off Your Fall Heating Tune-Up

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Being Proactive With Your HVAC System

As summer comes to an end and cooler weather approaches, now is the best time to schedule your fall heating tune-up. Regular HVAC maintenance not only keeps your heating and cooling appliances clean, it also increases their efficiency and reliability over the long term. When you schedule a fall heating tune-up with Albritton Heating & Air, you’re setting yourself up to enjoy a healthy, comfortable, and low-cost heating season. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits you’ll enjoy when you take a proactive stance on heating maintenance this year.


You’ll Enjoy Cleaner Air All Winter

Your HVAC system is one of the biggest contributors to your home’s indoor air quality. Clean, efficient HVAC function is associated with higher indoor air quality in several ways, due to both better temperature and humidity control and because a clean HVAC system contributes less dirt, dust, and other particles to the air you breathe. Your fall heating tune-up service will ensure that your entire HVAC system is clean and that your filter has been replaced if necessary for the highest-quality indoor air possible during the winter months. Because wintertime weather often keeps you indoors during much of the day, cleaner indoor air will mean better health and comfort at home throughout the winter season.


You’ll Prevent Heating Breakdowns

During the cold winter months, you rely on your furnace or heat pump to keep your home comfortable. However, the peak heating months of the year are also associated with a higher rate of heating breakdowns, which are caused by the added strain placed on heating systems to provide the heat required for a comfortable home. By scheduling a fall heating tune-up service, you’ll dramatically reduce your risk of heating breakdowns throughout the winter season, which are more likely when your furnace hasn’t been cleaned, checked, and tuned up in recent months. During your heating tune-up, your HVAC technician will clean and check every component of your furnace or heat pump, then let you know if any issues need attention, such as worn or failing parts. Taking this proactive preventive step can help you save money over the long term by eliminating the need for emergency heating repair if these small issues cause bigger problems once the heating season begins.


You’ll Reduce Your Heating Bills

An inefficient furnace is one of the top reasons for high heating bills during the winter. Heating and cooling can account for up to 48% of a typical home’s energy consumption, and this percentage can rise even higher when your furnace is not working efficiently. Over time, all heating appliances lose efficiency through wear and tear, even if they don’t experience other problems and appear to be functioning normally. One of the biggest financial benefits of a heating tune-up is the lower heating bills you’ll enjoy all winter long by ensuring your furnace is functioning at peak efficiency.

Are you ready to discover the many benefits that come with your fall heating tune-up this year? We can help you reduce your risk of a heating breakdown and increase your home’s energy efficiency for lower heating costs and a longer-lasting HVAC system. You can reach an experienced Wilmington heating and cooling expert by phone at (910) 792-6111 or via our web contact form to ensure your furnace or heat pump is ready for the fall and winter weather ahead. We also invite you to check out our HVAC blog for more great home heating and cooling tips you can use this year and every year to reduce costs and ensure your home stays comfortable in any weather.

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