Is Your AC Ready for Another HOT Wilmington Summer?

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With average temperatures soaring into the 90’s, Wilmington summers are hot. Even overnight, when temperatures finally break, they often only go as low as the upper 70’s, leaving Wilmington residents feeling uncomfortably warm all summer long. While swimming and showering provide excellent short-term solutions, the only good long-term solution for beating Wilmington heat is staying inside in the cool air conditioning.

Unfortunately for many Wilmington residents, air conditioning may not be an option for part or all of this summer. Air conditioning units have a tendency to wear out, break or need repair over time, and these inconveniences often happen at the worst of times, like in the middle of a hot Wilmington summer, leaving residents without air conditioning.

While air conditioning may sound like a luxury to some, it is pretty much a necessity for those living in Wilmington. Wilmington’s hot temperatures are not only uncomfortable, but they can also pose a serious safety hazard as well. All Wilmington residents, but especially infants and the elderly, are an increased risk for suffering from heat-related illnesses in the summer.

This summer, don’t put your family’s comfort and safety at risk. Obtain the air conditioning maintenance and repair you need before the temperatures rise so you can be sure that you will have access to cooler air all summer long.

Albritton Heating & Air offers plans that provide you with extra peace of mind for your family to be cool, comfortable, and safe from heat-related illnesses at home all summer long. These plans include routine, worry-free maintenance, a service discount on repairs, and priority service.

Don’t risk going without air conditioning this summer. Call the friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals at Albritton today. We will get your air conditioning in excellent shape so your summer is an enjoyable one.

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