Air Conditioning

Whether you’re struggling to get cool air from your air conditioning system in your Wilmington, NC, home, or you are ready to get rid of your current system and upgrade to a newer model, Albritton Heating & Air is where you should place your trust.

Our experts will walk you through the entire process—from selecting your system to installation and preventative maintenance.

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Air Ducts

Concerned about leaky air ducts in your Wilmington, NC, home? Instead of letting them take a toll on your heating and cooling system, just let Albritton Heating & Air perform a proper inspection and repair any areas of concern.

Our experts are thorough and will ensure your air ducts are in great shape and your system is operating efficiently.

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Commercial Services

For commercial heating and cooling services in the Wilmington, NC, area you can depend on, look to Albritton Heating & Air for help. We provide top-quality services so your building will remain comfortable no matter what season it is. Improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your commercial building while enjoying the benefit of a newer, more energy-efficient system.

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Ductless Systems

Is your heating and cooling system not working efficiently in certain areas of your Wilmington, NC, home? Maybe you are ready to replace a window air conditioning (AC) unit. A ductless system could be the perfect solution for you, and Albritton Heating & Air can offer the installation you need to experience optimal comfort in your Wilmington home.

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Is the furnace in your Wilmington home giving you one problem after the next? Albritton Heating & Air is here to provide you with a professional repair you can count on. We also extend our services to include installation or replacement when it’s time for an upgrade in your Wilmington, NC, home.

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Heat Pumps

Start enjoying the lower running costs and reduction in your energy bills when you upgrade the heating and cooling system in your Wilmington, NC, home to a heat pump. Albritton Heating & Air is here to offer you high-quality services to help improve the level of comfort in your home.

Already have a heat pump but it’s not working correctly? We can address this for you and get your heat pump working efficiently.

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Indoor Air Quality

For the best and most innovative indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions for your Wilmington, NC, home, speak with our Albritton Heating & Air professionals. We have you covered with a wide array of indoor air quality products and systems to help promote ideal air quality in your Wilmington home.

Start enjoying better air where you spend most of your time—inside your own home!

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Zone Control Systems

If you don’t already know about the many benefits of adding a zone control system to your Wilmington, NC, home, the time to learn and opt for installation is now. These systems help you have maximum control over the temperature in different areas of your home.

That means you can have more heating or cooling as needed per room with the help of thermostats, a control panel, and dampers. Albritton Heating & Air can provide the proper installation you need to get your heating and cooling needs met and operating more efficiently than ever before.

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“Carl has serviced our HVAC for a number of years. He is careful in his inspections as well as prompt in meeting his appointment. We couldn't ask for better service!”
- Neal E.
“Allergy symptoms for everyone in the house had become a daily challenge. We called Albritton to come check out system. He found our UV lights on the air handler had expired. When Albritton came to replace them, he told us about a product called an Air Scrubber which could help improve the air quality. Price was reasonable, so we had him install the system. Air in the house definitely seems to have less dust particles and feels lighter and fresher. Looking forward to all of our allergy symptoms disappearing soon!”
- Connie C.
“Carlton is one of the best guys I know in this Industry. He's always on time, does a great job & most of all he back's up his work. You can't go wrong here.”
“Quick to respond. Found problem right away. Ordered needed part, was here in 2 days!! Repaired and back up and running in record time! Very thankful for their great customer service!”
- Connie C.
“Fast, responsive, knowledgeable, honest, and cheerful! A very positive experience all around! I highly recommend Albritton Heating & Air!”
- Connie C.
“All it took was one phone call in the late afternoon to Kathy and Ryan was here the following morning. He was very professional and found out what was wrong. He found the coil was leaking freon and proceeded to call around for a new coil. He left for a brief period of time to pick up the coil and attend to another client. He was back later in the day and replaced the coil and added freon. He was very thorough and I appreciate the desire to get the unit running even though it was around 6 pm before he was finished. I will now add a maintenance plan to avoid any issues in the future.” – Marilyn K.
- Marilyn K.
“It just doesn’t get any better. Carlton and Kathy have been very responsive and quickly resolved our problems. Carlton is very detailed orientated and picked up on the that incorrectly matched parts like capacitors as well as other parts that prior service folks happened to previously install. They are very thorough and we feel very “comfortable” working with them. No pun intended. :)” – Tracy B.
- Tracy B.
“We were very pleased with how quick Justin came to repair the system and when some followup was needed the next day, there wasn’t any additional charges. Thank you!” – David H.
- David H.
“This company has handled my heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance and repairs for years and I have always found them to be prompt, reasonable, and courteous, including both technicians and office staff. Highly recommend them!” – Barbara C.
- Barbara C.