9 Easy Tips for Cutting Your Cooling Costs

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Summer is upon us and temperatures and utility bills are quickly starting to soar. Stay safe and comfortable this summer without spending a small fortune by using these nine tips for cutting your cooling costs without reducing your comfort.

1. Install a Programmable Thermostat
Don’t waste energy cooling your home when you aren’t even there to enjoy it. Install a programmable thermostat so your home is only cool when you need it to be.

2. Spend More Time Downstairs
Lower levels tend to be cooler than upper levels. Instead of cooling the entire house, spend more time where it is already cool.

3. Use a Fan
Similarly, don’t cool the entire house when you spend most of the day in one room. Use a personal fan and don’t worry about keeping the rest of the house cool.

4. Close Your Blinds
While sunlight is wonderful, leaving all the blinds open can really heat up your house. Keep them closed during the mid-day so the sunlight doesn’t pour in.

5. Check for Leaks
Cooling your home won’t help much if all the cold air leaks right back out. Check around windows, doors, and cracks in the wall where cool air can escape.

6. Add Insulation
Once you have sealed up all the cracks, add some extra insulation in the attic. This will help keep the warm and cool air right where you want them.

7. Use the Crockpot
Don’t heat up your oven and your house on hot summer days. Use the crockpot instead. Then you can still enjoy delicious homemade meals without the heat.

8. Do Some Landscaping
Plant trees for shade or bushes for window coverings. The more shade you have, the cooler your home will be.

9. Repair and Maintain Your HVAC System
Your HVAC system uses more energy than any other home appliance. Keep your system running at peak efficiency by calling Albritton Heating & Air for regular HVAC maintenance and repair.