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Heating Tune-Up

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Your Fall Heating Tune-Up

Being Proactive With Your HVAC System As summer comes to an end and cooler weather approaches, now is the best time to schedule your fall heating tune-up. Regular HVAC maintenance not only keeps your heating and cooling appliances clean, it also increases their efficiency and reliability over the long term. When you schedule a fall […]

Sealing Home Air Leaks

Don’t Let Air Leaks Cost You Money

What’s the Probability of an Air Leak in Your Home? Heating and Cooling is the largest energy expense for a typical home in the U.S. In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that heating and cooling accounts for more than half of the energy use in most homes? Warm air leaking into your home during the summer and out […]

How an HVAC Maintenance Plan Saves You Money

How an HVAC Maintenance Plan Saves You Money

Emergency Maintenance Here is an all-too-common scenario… After a busy day, you look forward to enjoying a comfortable night’s rest. As you crawl into bed, you suddenly notice that it’s oddly warm in your bedroom. “Perhaps a family member adjusted the thermostat,” you think. So you check the thermostat and turn the temperature setting further down. […]

9 Easy Tips for Cutting Your Cooling Costs

9 Easy Tips for Cutting Your Cooling Costs

Summer is upon us and temperatures and utility bills are quickly starting to soar. Stay safe and comfortable this summer without spending a small fortune by using these nine tips for cutting your cooling costs without reducing your comfort. 1. Install a Programmable Thermostat Don’t waste energy cooling your home when you aren’t even there […]

Is Your AC Ready for another HOT Wilmington Summer?

Is Your AC Ready for Another HOT Wilmington Summer?

With average temperatures soaring into the 90’s, Wilmington summers are hot. Even overnight, when temperatures finally break, they often only go as low as the upper 70’s, leaving Wilmington residents feeling uncomfortably warm all summer long. While swimming and showering provide excellent short-term solutions, the only good long-term solution for beating Wilmington heat is staying inside […]

Energy-Saving Tips For Spring

As the weather warms with the return of Spring, Wilmingtonians are swapping sweaters and jackets for shorts and colorful dresses. Spring is in the air, and with a new season comes a new opportunity to re-evaluate your home energy usage and prepare for the warmer months ahead. To help kick off your eco-friendly home makeover, here are 8 tips to […]

Winter HVAC Maintenance Checklist

As the temperature begins to drop and days begin to shorten, many homeowners are switching their systems over from air conditioning to heating. It is important to ensure that the system will be ready for that seasonal switch over. Here is a winter HVAC maintenance checklist for homeowners to use to ensure the heat will […]

Top 5 Benefits of Routine HVAC Maintenance

Fall HVAC System Maintenance List

Fall is almost over and that means winter is just around the corner. In the Wilmington area, Autumn marks the time to get ready for some cool nights and sudden chills that could make your home noticeably uncomfortable. Here’s what you need to do to make sure your home heating system is in good shape. Stock Up on Filters If you have […]

HVAC System Maintenance

Top 5 Benefits of Routine HVAC Maintenance

Of all of the home maintenance tasks you need to complete throughout the year, regular air conditioner and furnace maintenance is one you shouldn’t neglect. Here are five benefits of routine HVAC maintenance you won’t want to miss out on: 1. Greater Comfort Regular air conditioner and furnace maintenance keeps your entire HVAC system running […]